Top 5 Space Movies of the 1950s

#4 - This Island Earth

I read the short story that this film was based off of, and it was very interesting. I had seen the MST3K movie version a long time ago, but I didn't remember much about it. When I finally did see the regular version of the film itself, I was thoroughly impressed. From the first half of the film you might begin to think that it's not a “space” movie at all, but don't worry, the last half will change that. It starts with a scientist getting unexpected and unknown parts for a machine. He builds this machine and finds that it turns out to be a communication device for a secret organization which is recruiting the most brilliant scientists in the world to work on a mysterious project. Eventually they end up on another planet, in the midst of an alien war, and you are treated to some of the most fantastic special effects of the 1950s. Yes, this film was famously spoofed in the Mystery Science Theater 3000 movie, but it really is a must see for a serious fan of 1950s scifi. It starts out as a mysterious puzzle for a scientist, changes to an intricate plot with a secret organization, and then finally ends in the midst of an epic battle on a far off planet.

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